Hi, I’m Roshan!

Content Writer specializing in WordPress, Graphic Design, Web Design, UX Design, Gaming, and more..

The Internet is getting flooded with generic AI-generated content. Getting your site to rank at top among this sea of generic content is easy.

You just need to publish well-researched and more in-depth articles with a Human touch.

Just listen to what SEO expert Brian Dean recommends:

But why publish blog articles?

The best way to get your website to rank on Google and Bing is with content.

Not just any content, Quality CONTENT!

And, as a bonus, you will also generate more traffic, leads, and sales from growing your blog with quality content.

However, a blog is not just about generating traffic. It’s also a place to educate your audience about your products and services. It can also be a hub of information, guides, and resources for your customers.

I’m Roshan,

a freelance writer and blogger with 10+ years of experience.

I’ve worked with many high-end brands and clients. And developed 2 successful websites of my own


They generate over 60K pageviews per month, each. No link building but only quality content.

I can help your website rank higher on Google and generate more traffic with high-quality blog posts

I’m currently available for work!

You can reach me via email or LinkedIn.