Why hire a writer when you can generate articles with ChatGPT?

The Internet is getting flooded with generic AI-generated content. Getting your site to rank at top among this sea of generic content is easy.

You just need to publish well-researched and more in-depth articles with a Human touch.

Just listen to what SEO expert Brian Dean recommends:

But why publish blog articles?

Backlinks are no longer among the top 3 ranking factors for Google.

The top ranking factor is CONTENT!
Gary Illyes from Google Search team revealed this at PubCon 2023.

The best way to get your website to rank on Google is with content.

Not just any content, Quality CONTENT!

And, as a bonus, you will also generate more leads and sales from growing your blog with quality content.

I’m Roshan,

a freelance writer and blogger with 10+ years of experience.

I’ve worked with many clients and developed 2 different websites of my own


They generate over 60K views per month, each. No link building but only quality content.

I can help your website rank higher on Google and generate more traffic with high-quality, 100% Human-written content.

I’m currently available for work!

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